OS/X11 support for XO-1 hardware?

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 05:34:51 EST 2009

> I had thought this capability would be coming with
> the Fedora 10 move in 9.1.0.  With that release now
> scuttled, I'm wondering more generally, are these
> pieces being picked up anywhere?

Well its not really scuttled, there will still be a equivalent release
at around the time that 9.1.0 was due but it will be Fedora 11 based
not Fedora 10 based. And it should be alot closer (if not almost
completely) Fedora as we've been working to get all the changes
upstream so they don't need to be maintained separately.

> Would it make sense to have an 8.2.2 release involving
> the move to Fedora 10 but pretty much the same as
> 8.2.1 otherwise?

The point of the 8.2.x releases is stability. Rebasing a possible
8.2.2 to Fedora 10 would be a massive undertaking. The point of the
sub releases is to fix specific bugs, add new activities not a major
OS upgrade.


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