XO memory size

Derek Zhou agonyzhou at comcast.net
Thu Feb 26 04:16:24 EST 2009

On Thursday 26 February 2009 12:02:46 am James Cameron wrote:
> After generating an xorg.conf using "Xorg -configure", restarting X,
> results were 3.696s, 3.700s, 3.607s.
> After adding 'Option "FBSize" "8388608"', restarting X, results were
> 3.673s, 3.636s, 3.658s.
> The generated xorg.conf is attached.
> I'm not seeing what you're seeing.  Perhaps there is something else
> affecting your system.

Agreed. Now instead of a logfile which is different from computer to computer, now I do a:

time gunzip -c /usr/share/man/man1/perlfunc.1.gz ( a nice long manpage, 7958 lines 357544 bytes )

in a rxvt -fn 12x24, I have 
38.772s with FBSize 8M, rxvt size 80x24
59.500s with FBSize 8M, rxvt size 98x36
33.042s no FBSize limit, rxvt size 80x24 (actually faster than with FBSize limit)
1m31.104s no FBSize limit, rxvt size 98x36 (pathetically slow)
Doing anything that output lots of text is painful. 
For comparison, my other laptop (also debian lenny, not a fast one by any mean, AMD 1.6G single processor integrated ATI graphic) has:
1.050s rxvt size 80x24
1.306s rxvt size 105x33
ssh into olpc:
0.129s rxvt size 80x24
0.125s rxvt size 105x33
So the non-drawing part cpu time on the olpc is tiny. 
Something is wrong with my olpc in either the xserver or hardware. For other non-drawing tasks its speed seems to be reasonable.

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