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Wed Feb 25 14:10:27 EST 2009

Hi Aaron and other music enthusiasts...

Aaron asked for info on how to use TamTam. Here is the MiniTamTam information in Spanish.  It has a link to a demo in English on YouTube at:


Here is one for the synthLab:


All show an older version of Sugar, but you can get the idea from them.

There are other videos on YouTube you might check also.

We really need to do a FLOSS manual for the entire TamTam suite during the BookSprint next August.  How about it?

We really need someone to do the programming to interface an electronic keyboard to the XO.  Shouldn't be hard to do since the XO already can recognize usb keyboards...just something that will convert the signal from the music keyboard to what it would be if the corresponding XO key were pressed.  

This is such a powerful program with a lot of educational potential. We really need to give it more attention.

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