testing 8.2.1 - 800

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Tue Feb 24 09:57:11 EST 2009

I had some time lately and tested the latest signed release.

I have reimaged (with 4 button pressed start) my XO and after that 
installed activities via olpc-update and some yum  
mc/gcc/make/X11-devel/Xv-devel. I did not copied my developer key to 
/security this time. The extreme power management is unchecked (the 
default setting).

1. While doing some "yum list something" on the virtual console my XO 
freezed and only could restarted by holding the power button for 5 secs. 
Nothing was written to the console (but it was the 2. console). The file 
what yum generated stopped abruptly halfway.
2. The wireless works as it did with 763 or something (I have never 
installed 767). It cannot connect to a Belkin PreN with WPA (100% 
displays the password dialog and no matter what I type into it the 
machine just redisplays the dialog). After I cancel the dialog then I 
can just click on the AP and it connects 100%. I do not really remember 
how did it work last year but it seems that I no longer have to wait 
until the XO stops scanning mesh networks (and it does not seem to stop 
it anyway).
3. After using the XO for 2 hours while developing some XVideo using 
applcation and closing the lid several times and stealing some 
unprotected wifi to browse the web (I was waiting in a hospital for 2 
hours), I finally shutdowned the machine and it freezed with "libertas: 
tx watch dog timeout". After I pressed the power twice to sleep and 
wakeup, the shutdown continued, displayed the shutdown screen and the 
the XO switched off.
The error message was uploaded here: 

So it is a regression since the old image was not used to crash or 
freeze during shutdown and the wireless seems to be just as broken as it 
was (probably the suspected network manager race condition what I was 
speculated lately).

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