getting the truth about future releases onto

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Tue Feb 24 01:47:01 EST 2009

> no need for page deletions; there's still a lot to be worked out over
> the coming months.  I believe joyride is working as designed at the
> moment and should be updated once 8.2.1 is quite out the door.

The substantial thing that Joyride has going for it is that it 
*finally* provides a working suspend/resume.  [I think that all of 
the netbooks announced so far need more power than XO-1/Joyride.]

[Also, I'm hearing whispers of 'no Rainbow' after Joyride.]

But in regard to "working as designed" -- so far I have noticed the 
following regressions [plus others] in Joyride, compared to 8.2.0:

  -  no mesh
  -  no video
  -  incomplete 'sugar-install-bundle'
  -  in Terminal "page-up" gets overdone
  -  wireless icons need fixing
  -  'Record' and 'Help' don't work (also 'Write')
  -  'Measure' hung my session
  -  microphone light turned on by boot, stays on
  -  some older Activities work neither in 8.2 nor in Joyride


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