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Mon Feb 23 20:03:43 EST 2009

9.1.0 is cancelled, joyride does not incorporate latest Sucrose, O.S. 
development is taking place elsewhere.  Such adjustments have made big 
chunks of deceptive.  AFAIK, no one has put this change 
in direction on the wiki (?!), so I jumped in.

* I started with , adding a 
new section
   == Next-generation releases will not come from OLPC ==
based around NN's Q&A statement.  I added a subsection pointing to the 
most promising replacements (~cjb/rawhide and SugarLabs' SoaS XO 
images), with a "not ready" caveat.

IMO, the Future_releases page should continue to be the definitive 
statement about future releases (duh).  The wiki has thousands of 
half-hearted ill-maintained pages, it doesn't need more.

I have adjusted some misleading pages, always linking back to [[Future 
releases]] so as to avoid populating lots of pages with info that's 
subject to change.

* In the "Devel" line of the "Latest Releases" green box I put a "Read 
note!" link.

* In I added a section
   === Joyride is not producing usable releases ===

* I marked as obsolete, saying
   A specific 9.1.0 release from OLPC is not going to happen,
linking to Ed McNierney's public statement in
(I did the same in the 9.1.0 section of Future releases.)

* In I indicated 
the change in approach and de-emphasized joyride.

== TO DO ==

* Find and adjust many other misleading pages.

* I'm not sure what to do with the big swath of 9.1.0 Future 
features/roadmap pages and subpages.

* Can someone with rights please update to 
add a prominent link to [[Future releases]] and kill off the dead 

* Is the Joyride stream obsolete rather than "temporarily not working as 

* If there are specific XO features that are going away in this new 
world (e.g. Rainbow,  Bitfrost, olpc-update, the Software update Sugar 
control panel, "press O to revert to previous image", ?), they should be 
listed in a new "Not applicable" section of 
and their wiki pages somehow flagged with a {{does not apply in new 
world}} template.

* Is this janitorial work in the ruins a waste of time better served by 
wholesale page deletions?

Thanks for all you do, and I look forward to the next-generation Linux 
distributions with Sugar running on my XO.

=S Page

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