SD content disappearance

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Mon Feb 23 09:38:28 EST 2009

>> -  I am running normally, with access to my SD card content
>> -  I plug in an (additional) USB external storage device
>> -  I can no longer access my SD card content
> Is this a workflow you also followed with 8.2? IOWs, any reason to
> believe it's new in 8.2.1?

Now that I think about it some more - it is more likely a hardware- 
induced bug than something new in 8.2.1.  I'm not the person to keep 
a detailed log of everything I see, but I believe this was on the 
machine on which I've had previous storage-related problems.

[I went through a phase where, when I had just installed a new build 
on the XO, its first boot might fail with jffs2 errors (apparently 
occurring when the boot process was renaming the '/version/run' of 
the newly installed build to be the default '/').  My usual bypass 
to that situation was to delete the new build from nand and install 
again -- if that first boot after the install worked, all subsequent 
boots would as well.  These experiences caused me to describe that 
XO as "particularly weak".]

I've never used 8.2 much - while Joyrides were receiving Sugar 
updates, those were my normal systems.  I'm starting a transitioning 
hiatus - keeping 8.2.1 for when I need to demo the XO, and intending 
to migrate to rawhide when it becomes reliable.  [That's why I was 
plugging in a new USB - I was using that XO as a "stick burner".]


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