XO OS vs. Teapot Ubuntu Benchmarks

Carlos Nazareno object404 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 09:09:00 EST 2009

Hi all.

Still have to clean up the Teddymark cross-platform Flash benchmarking
tool before public presentation, but strangely, on "default clean
boot", Teddymark gets a little higher FPS in Opera 9.63 browser Adobe
Flash 10 plugin under XO OS (Fedora + Sugar) than on Teapot's Ubuntu
Intrepid build (also Opera 9.63 browser, Adobe Flash 10 plugin).

Also, the Read Activity seems to be snappier displaying PDFs than
Evince under Teapot's Ubuntu too.

Will release Teddymark and do more benchmarking studies when I finish
current project at work.

All the best,


carlos nazareno
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then change it instead of just complaining."

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