Opportunity for speedup

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 09:01:07 EST 2009

>> I just measured the time taken by the boot animation by the simple
>> technique of renaming /usr/bin/rhgb-client so the initscripts can't find it.
> how did you measure exactly? stopwatch? I'd like to recreate the
> tests.  It sounds like you did this on a freshly flashed system?

There were a number of tools used by some of the Fedora devs for boot
speed when developing plymouth to replace the old RHGB system. It
would be interesting to plymouth in this (both text and graphical) to
see what the comparison is like. It might be possible to get alot of
the wins that Fedora got with very little work as plymouth has a full
plugin system so shouldn't be hard to add the OLPC boot logos in.


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