new mailing list for other distros?

david at david at
Wed Feb 18 10:57:45 EST 2009

On Wed, 18 Feb 2009, Peter Robinson wrote:

>>> I disagree.  There is no clutter now, and concentrating all the XO
>>> hardware related discussions here is very valuable.  Splitting by
>>> distribution would halt collaboration.
>> I'd go further and say that things are already too fragmented. the fact
>> that the DebXO maintainer didn't know that much of the discussion that he
>> needed to know about had migrated to a fedora mailing list is not a good
>> sign.
> That's interesting, can you point to the conversation

see the tail end of the thread 'Please update etoys in 8.2.1' around Feb 6

> , alot of the
> stuff I send to the Fedora-olpc list is regarding Fedora packages etc,
> so it would be useful from my point of view what the discussion was so
> I at least keep stuff that would be useful to other distros on this
> list.
> Generally though, I agree with keeping the discussion on this list
> rather than splitting it up so general hardware issues etc  that would
> more than likely be relevant to all distros are central.
> Peter

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