price point + sales to individuals

Carlos Nazareno object404 at
Wed Feb 18 08:24:04 EST 2009

> In summary, you'd like to see a lower price.

No, in summary, I'm thinking maybe this can be a two-birds with one
stone approach to:

a) Save OLPC financially by selling XO units with a little profit to
all takers as Yama said. Why not tie up with and physically stock some
units at computer/electronics stores since there are logistical
problems with shipping to individuals? (this would also entail some
marketing and evangelism to show how the XO is different from netbooks
- I suspect it'd be a hit with the outdoors crowd, much like when GPS
devices were new)

b) Increase the number of software developers, contributors, content
authors and testers by getting XO units into more peoples' hands. (see
homebrew scene popularity and success stories: what more with a
dev-friendly environment like the XO?)

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