XOIRC migrated to Sugar Labs (as IRC Activity)

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Tue Feb 17 19:12:45 EST 2009

Mel Chua wrote:
> The IRC activity (XoIRC) has been moved to the Sugar Labs 
> infrastructure. 

http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XoIRC still points to laptop.org for bundle, 
source, POT.  Several other migrated activities likewise have incorrect 
wiki.laptop.org pages.

You *could* follow 
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Maintaining_activity_web_information to update 
the various bits and pieces on wiki.laptop.org, but it probably makes 
more sense to replace the page with just a
  {{Migrated to sl.o| http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/irc | 
http://addons.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/4029 }}

I think only activities in an activity group or with an update URL 
pointing to wiki.laptop.org still need information on w.l.o.
But what do others think?

I tried it out on http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XoIRC , and modified the 
{{Migrated to sl.o}} template so you can give it two URLs.

> http://addons.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/4029
That is awesome!

=S Page

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