Application crashing with Bad Window error only on OLPC 767 build

shivaprasad javali jbsp72 at
Tue Feb 17 12:13:58 EST 2009

Hi ,

        I am trying to port an application to OLPC. It has a xulrunner based
browser which draws into a gtk window. It runs perfectly on OLPC builds 708
and 711 , but when I try to run it on 767 build it crashes with an error in
a X window system error with error code 3( Bad Window).

        Also the crash occurs only when I launch the activity from the
Activity bar. If open the Terminal activity and run it from there it works
fine. It crashes only when I run it from the Activity bar and on the 767
build. Could any body tell me what changed from build 711 to 767 which made
my application to crash?

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