Pilgrim pilgrim weary after long walk; seeking answers

Ties Stuij cjstuij at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 04:21:38 EST 2009

Ok, let me yet again rephrase the question of what pilgrim setup OLPC
is using for the current staging builds aka build 800, with the hope
that a knowledgeable person will grace me with an answer, which, when
positive, does not have to contain more than three letters. One is
even enough, if it's the one to the left of the one that ends the
alphabet in the language I'm now writing.

We built our latest builds from packages to be found in the xs-dev
staging repo, combined with the mock.laptop.org 8.2 repo and the koji
olpc-3 repo. Except for our custom changes, we assume that the pilgrim
setup hasn't changed, except for adding the extra staging yum repo. So
my question is: is this assumption correct.

If not though, I would appreciate to know what changes were made.
Preferably through making the relevant (up to date) pilgrim repo
public, or by copying the changes over to a public repo. And of course
I'd like to see the relevant setup being made public be it yes or no,
but this issue is of secondary concern.


On Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 3:34 PM, Ties Stuij <cjstuij at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey dear list,
> we need to base a release on the latest 8.2.1 changes here in Nepal,
> however I can't find a public pilgrim repo that is actually configured
> right.
> I found the 8.2.1 pilgrim branch, who's only significant change is
> that one yum repo is changed to an alledged 8.2.1 repo, and I hoped
> this was all that was needed to get an up-to-date image ready.
> However, images built with this pilgrim, are no different from 8.2. It
> gets exactly the same packages.
> So did I choose the wrong branch, or is there a secret pilgrim-setup
> somewhere, with which the 8.2.1 staging images on xs-dev.l.o are
> built?
> I would really, really appreciate it if somebody can point me to the
> right setup!
> Thanks,
> /Ties

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