any way to display "Nand full" boot message in Nepali?

Chris Ball cjb at
Mon Feb 16 22:46:41 EST 2009


[removing sugar-devel@ since this is OLPC-disk-image-specific]

   > I am quite happy that the XO now displays a "Disk full" message
   > when the nand is full and notifies the user that a number of
   > journal entries will be deleted. Is there any way to display that
   > same text in Nepali for our users here in Nepal?

You can modify the text in /etc/init.d/diskspace{check,recover}.
It is not localized past English and Spanish, because it runs before
almost anything else on the system.

I think you might end up finding that it runs before the Unicode
environment has started, which would stop you from printing Nepali.
(You can move it later in the boot sequence to work around this,
but as you do so you're increasing the chance that something else
will break due to no disk space before the script gets to run.)

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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