Unshare an Activity

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Feb 16 20:09:22 EST 2009

> This is the problem with your understanding.  A shared activity is
> _initiated_ by one user, but this user does not _own_ the shared
> activity.
>  The user who initially shared the activity can turn off his computer,
> and the other users can still continue to share with each other.  You
> can see this with the Chat activity, for example. 

I'm missing a key idea.

Some activities have persistent data, say a document.  Another example would 
be the high score database for a game.

That data has to live somewhere and/or somebody has to own it.  You can put 
it on a server, or one of the users can act as the server, perhaps the one 
who initiates the shared activity.

I think another example that was discussed recently was viewing a batch of slides.  One proposal was that the other users only loaded the page they were interested in.  I think that leaves the initiating user acting as the server.

Are there two types of sharing, one with persistent data and another without?

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