Devel Digest, Vol 36, Issue 59

James Simmons jim.simmons at
Mon Feb 16 10:34:44 EST 2009

To the Sugar release team:

While we're discussing "favorite" fixes I'm wondering if anyone is working on my favorite.  It affects Read as well as my own Activities.  The problem is the saving of custom metadata, like page number for Read.  If you use Read, exit and later Resume the document, Read will return to the page you left off on.  It will do this as long as you don't turn off the computer.  Unfortunately, the metadata it uses to do this will not survive a reboot, so if you shut down your XO and return to reading the document the next day you'll go back to page 1 because it cannot remember what page you left off on.  This problem affects any Activity that reads existing Journal entries but does not update them.  This has been an annoyance since I got my XO over a year ago, the bug report has been posted, yet it never gets fixed.  It looks like there have been many improvements to the Journal, so I'm hoping someone will look at this one.

"=== Keep error when displaying a file in Browse, Read, ImageViewer ===
This is one of my favorite fixes as this has been broken for quite a 
while. When trying to display for example an image in Browse or the 
ImageViewer there was an keep error when closing the activity."


James Simmons

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