power consumption after shutdown

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Mon Feb 16 00:02:58 EST 2009

quozl at laptop.org wrote:

>> 3)  If that battery had been sitting on the shelf (not in an XO) for
>>      a month -- what did I need to do to make it "topped off" ?
> Discharge it to 90% capacity, then charge it.

q2e32 can help you out.  In q2e32 I've pulled in some of my batman.fth 

As James mentions the EC won't try to charge if it thinks the battery is 
full because the battery full flag is set. I've added some commands that 
let you reset that flag.

ok batman-start
ok bg-clr-full-flag
ok ec-reboot

The EC should then charge your battery.

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