[Sugar-devel] 'Resume activity' is confusing for user

Gary C Martin gary at garycmartin.com
Sat Feb 14 21:56:07 EST 2009


On 15 Feb 2009, at 00:24, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:

> My observation from running Joyride 2650 on an XO-1:
> With 'Resume by default' checked in the "Favorite view" dropdown in
> Home View, those activity_icons for which a Journal entry now exists
> are colored.  I __naively__ thought that if I clicked on a "colored"
> icon, the *existing* session for that activity would be resumed.

You're 3 weeks late ;-) It was a bug, I'm 99% sure Tomeu has this is  
fixed, if you're using a current build of sugar here's the ticket:


Here's the rub... Joyride is dead (though for an XO user it's still  
about the easiest/smoothest way to play with the new sugar toys). It  
got a Sugar code update back in 2631, making it to sugar 0.83.3 from  
what I can tell (~19 Jan 2009); but there're just not enough hands on  
deck to keep that plate spinning.

FWIW I've been able to copy-nand and use the image called soas3.img  
that Marco was kind enough to get an image built and working:


... but again I fear this is now an end of line unless another  
engineer can continue the work. I'm not convinced the world of XO  
users will see much, if any more, output from SugarLabs for a long  
time, the only hope I see is to run 'Sugar on a Stick' USB spins  
(Fedora being currently the most tested/working) – but only for  
testing purposes – the normal Fedora is still far off the level of XO  
hardware support that the 8.2.x OLPC Fedora fork currently provides.  
Actually, the latest Fedora SoaS USB image I've tried to boot on an XO  
just kernel panics, so Marco's above effort is, perhaps the last, most  
recent XO booting Sugar.

With all that doom and gloom, I must say that OLPC 8.2.1  
(candidate-800) is looking rather nice in comparison, get some testing  
in if you can, we may be using it for some time...


> But when in Home View I moved the cursor to the (colored) icon for
> Terminal and left-clicked, a *second* Terminal session was launched.
> Apparently, to be sure of what one is doing with a colored icon in
> Home View, one needs to right-click on that icon, and wait for its
> palette to be displayed.  Then, to 'Resume' a session, right-click
> on an entry in the palette for which an object name is listed.  Or,
> to 'start' a new session, click on the palette entry that lists the
> plain activity name (or click on the 'Start' entry near the bottom
> of the palette).
> I ought to be able to explain all this to a "Sugar" user (including
> when there are "special cases" and when there are not).  But much
> simpler to just tell him to  forget about  'Resume by default'.
> mikus
> p.s.  Suggestion:  when clicking on an icon in Home View favorites
> will not result in 'returning control' to an already-launched
> Activity, *don't* color that icon.
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