power consumption after shutdown

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sat Feb 14 20:26:13 EST 2009

This gets more and more bizarre !!

James wrote:
> The displayed state of charge is stored in the chip in the battery, and
> is maintained by the EC.  The battery does not change it's own state of
> charge value.
> (If one discharges an XO battery outside the XO using a home lighting
> circuit, the displayed state of charge will be inconsistent.  Persisting
> in this practice results in increasing inconsistency.  Ceasing the
> practice results in decreasing inconsistency over several XO moderated
> charge and discharge cycles.  The inconsistency results in forced
> power-down before the state of charge would suggest, manifesting as "my
> XO stops too soon".)

What I am now interested in is understanding a "correct" state of 
charge value after having my battery out of the XO for one month. 
[When I insert that battery and plug in the AC adapter, the 'power' 
light is green, and the software pop-up says 94%.  But I notice that 
after an hour, the software pop-up *still* says 94%.]

I presume that when I merely "shut down" the XO, and leave it 
sitting for two days with the battery still in the case:  Then when 
I again connect the XO to the AC adapter (and let it charge until 
the 'power' light goes from yellow to green), I should be able to 
trust that what the software pop-up says is accurate.

But when the software pop-up is between 90-96% (for a previously 
out-of-case battery), and despite the AC adapter being plugged in 
that value does not increase in an hour -- what ought I to do to 
find the "state of charge" ?


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