XO BW mode (was Re: Guidance sought on collaboration techniques)

Yuan Chao yuanchao at gmail.com
Sat Feb 14 18:11:52 EST 2009

2009/2/14 Wade Brainerd <wadetb at gmail.com>:

>> The below will switch to BW, but still leave the backlight on:
I recall that there are several people requesting a hot-key for this
mode since the B4 era. However, it's not adopted since then. It's not
really a BW mode; it just makes DCON think it's in BW as the color
filter can't be "turned off". So the result is similar to "sub-pixel
rendering" or "clear type"... whatever you call it. (DCON does use
each "pixel" to render contents in this mode) I do think this is very
useful when color is not needed and the displayed font will be crisp.
Surely this may introduce confusion and probably the reason it's not


Some people don't like this mode as some slight color "leak" around
the strokes. (same for white on black) But this doesn't affect much
for ebook reading. (at least for me it's most useful for reading)

Best regards,
Yuan Chao

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