What's going on with Text To Speech on the XO?

Samuel Klein sj at laptop.org
Wed Feb 11 19:03:26 EST 2009

Hemant, Tomeu, Assim and all,

Has there been any progress on TTS since last summer?  I'd love to see
this project move forward.  Prabhas has also indicated some interest
in working on language-learning support, which is directly related...
It would also be nice to have Listen and Spell among the regularly
tested activities.


On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 4:22 PM, James Simmons
<jim.simmons at walgreens.com> wrote:
> Ed,
> Thanks for your response.  I never questioned that there was still
> interest in TTS on the XO.  What I was wondering is if there was any
> progress made by Hemant Goyal or anyone else in getting the
> Speech-Dispatcher software included with the Sugar distribution, if the
> newer version of Python that resolved the power management issue was
> included, etc.  I've sent a couple of emails to Hemant and haven't heard
> back from him.  I was wondering if he was still working on these things,
> or if someone else had taken over his work, etc.  He was making RPMs for
> Fedora for installing speech-dispatcher.
> James Simmons
> Edward Cherlin wrote:
>> Welcome back. There is significant interest from other organizations
>> in our use of TTS with text coloring. I have just started discussions
>> with the Doug Engelbart Foundation, Creative Commons ccLearn, Alan
>> Kay's Viewpoints Research, and OLE about a new project to create a
>> full range of teaching materials around Sugar. TTS-TC is important for
>> literacy, of course, and also for language learning.
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