Minimal steps to start hacking on Browse.xo?

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Mon Feb 9 20:28:52 EST 2009


I found the git repo for Browse xo! Hurray! (finding things in github
is hard work, or perhaps I managed to find the hardest path to it).

Not being a Sugar dev, I want to do some light hacking on Browse.xo
but I don't have a Sugar environment prepared to hack on it. How can I
get going with minimum steps...?

So far, what I've tried to do...

  1 - grab an XO with 8.2

  2 - yum install git

  3 - git clone git://
        mv mainline.git browse.git
       (btw, shoud this be called browse.git, or browse-mainline.git?)

  4 - run it from the checkout... how?

is there a better way?


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