Interoperation with other non-sugar software

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Sun Feb 8 07:28:58 EST 2009

Tiago Marques wrote:

> I have used some none XO standard software in my XO, from HTOP to Opera.
> The one thing these programs have in common is the need to have the F 
> keys available for proper usability. Does anyone think it's feasible to 
> have the F keys mapped to their functions mapped to their standard 
> action(?), instead of the Sugar specific functions, when pressing them 
> together with the Fn key? I've never done Linux key mapping, I have no 
> idea how to do this. If someone thinks this can be done, please say so, 
> as I'm interested in giving it a go.

There might be information elsewhere, but 
talks about the mix of key bindings and hardcoded key actions in Sugar. 
  As always, add what you known and improve the wiki.

=S Page

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