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Sat Feb 7 21:46:43 EST 2009

Carlos Dario Isaza Zamudio wrote:

> 2) What codecs can i install on the built in totem? how can i install 
> them, ive tried several things through terminal but there's no related 
> package over there, or is there?

One inaccurate way to see what codecs Totem/GStreamer thinks are 
available is enter about:plugins in Browse.

As says,
Release 8.2.0 uses an old backported version of GStreamer, so most web 
guides to installing additional codec support will not work

A few months ago the wiki was full of approaches to adding codecs from 
livna and fusion and whatever that *don't work* on release 8.2.0.  If 
you see such and it doesn't work, flag it, e.g. ": These steps don't 
work with release [[8.2.0]] -- ~~~~"

I see around comment 27 has a possible 
workaround for adding MP3 support to GStreamer/Totem/Browse.  If you try 
it, use the Talk:GStreamer page for your experience.
(not enough hours in a weekend! ...)

=S Page

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