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Tiago Marques tiagomnm at
Fri Feb 6 16:12:56 EST 2009

Hi all,

I already mentioned an Acer One boots very fast from flash, like 5-10s to X
server with window manager loaded. I remembered that I can do a TAR.BZ2 of
the whole root of the SSD and put it online somewhere, if anyone cares to
have a look to see what they have done at Linpus to speed up the boot of
this particular Fedora flavour.

We could supposedly download it from here:

But, at least for me, it's not quite working.

I volunteer for that effort but would like to have some help from Wade,
since I've mostly used Gentoo since I became a penguin, and I don't known
much else. Gentoo uses a different init system from most distros, so I never
did do much init system hacking out of Gentoo. When I did do it(OpenSUSE and
Ubuntu, mostly writing init scripts and toying with the boot process), it
was something I didn't want to do again, I love Gentoo's baselayout too much
- it's simple to work with and supports parallel init script startup for at
least three years.

Take a look at: to get an idea of
how fast it is.

It boots the X and window manager and then starts loading network and ACPI
stuff in parallel, it still takes a while for everything to be up but it's
generally quite fast, especially if you just want to access local stuff.

Best regards,

                                  Tiago Marques

On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 5:13 PM, Mitch Bradley <wmb at> wrote:

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> >
> > A patch isn't really appropriate but generally speaking I:
> >
> > - Followed Mitch Bradley's instructions for tar-ing /dev.
> > - Replaced the initrd with a 3 liner using busybox that just mounts
> > NAND and calls switch_root.  This involved undoing all the version
> > stuff in the filesystem.
> > - Replaced rc.sysinit with a 30 line script that starts the services I
> > want and mounts the required points.
> > - Removed the entire SYSV runlevel system.
> >
> > I was learning about all this stuff as I did it, but it still didn't
> > take that long.  And I have a lot of plans to make it even faster.
> >
> > A few things don't work right, like I'm still trying to figure out why
> > there are no network interfaces...But If anyone would like to see the
> > scripts I'd be happy to share them.
> >
> How about bundling them up and attaching them to the "Improve Startup
> Speed" ticket .  That way all the
> research that nobody does anything about because it diverges too much
> from the blessed Fedora will all be in one place.
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