8.2.1 Thoughts

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Feb 6 06:45:10 EST 2009

On Thu, Feb 05, 2009 at 07:03:08PM -0500, Chris Ball wrote:
> The first useful test is "does the 767 version of the wireless driver
> work with WPA with the new firmware", since that'll suggest to us
> whether we have a bad driver or bad firmware.

I've taken a unit with staging-26 and another with 767, and swapped the
firmware files, then rebooted.  I went through several cycles of
connecting, suspending, resuming, rebooting.

af642c0558e716e3cb4b3d449a938cd8  usb8388.bin.build-767
5e38f55719df3d0c58dd3bd02575a09c  usb8388.bin.staging-26

The unit with staging-26 kernel and the build-767 wireless firmware did
not change behaviour much.  It still prompted for "Wireless Key
Required" on boot, or on resume from suspend.  But sometimes it would
connect using the stored key if this dialog was dismissed and the
connection retried.

The unit with build-767 kernel and the staging-26 wireless firmware
changed behaviour to become almost the same behaviour as a staging-26
system.  It would only connect after reboot or suspend if the Discard
network history button was used.

Conclusion: symptom follows kernel *and* firmware?

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