8.2.1 Thoughts

Michael Stone michael at laptop.org
Thu Feb 5 18:53:44 EST 2009

Hey folks,

Here are some more unofficial thoughts on how 8.2.1 is progressing:

  1) Daniel Drake discovered some annoying wifi regressions (#9235).

     We need to find root cause here, e.g. by bisecting the kernel patches added
     since 8.2.0 and testing each resulting kernel with both the new and the old

  2) The firmware looks awesome!

     Daniel and I both spent some time testing the new features of OFW q2e30 and
     we liked them so much that we worked together with Scott to implement some
     new initramfs features that make them easier to use.

     However, since they affect security critical code, they could always use
     more eyes. If you'd like to learn about how these components work, then
     please help test and review the patches!

  3) More smoke testing, please!

     TJB did a full smoke test on staging-25, which went well modulo some wifi
     and collaboration concerns, but more exploratory testing is still needed.

     Consequently, we expect to announce a new build within the next day or two
     for you to help test. (The new build will feature an exciting Etoys update
     that missed 8.2.0 by a hair and which has been ripening ever since.)

     I'll announce this new image both by email and on 


     as soon as it's ready.

In conclusion, "so far so good"!



P.S. - A couple of people have asked about the possibility of future releases
beyond 8.2.1, e.g. to offer access to new versions of gnash, telepathy,
cerebro, etc. and to motivate folks to help fix long-standing 8.2.0 bugs like
the memory stability issues.

I'll just mention in passing that I'd be quite interested in facilitating an
8.2.2 release containing these updates, assuming the continued interest of the
folks whose help is needed to actually do the integration, do the testing, and
fix the bugs...


(as a warm-up round toward bigger things?)

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