OLPC upgrades

pgf at laptop.org pgf at laptop.org
Thu Feb 5 09:55:28 EST 2009

wad wrote:
 > Testing of UBIFS at 1CC ran into a bug which was patched and
 > has now been running for months without problems.
 > See: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/UBIFS_on_XO

is there an executive summary of your test results on the wiki?  reading
through the above, plus:

i see the major jffs2 bug fixed (#8615) and also had some big slowdown
issues as the device filled (did i get that right?).  i also see that
there were some LBA nand failures -- did we ever hear anything from toshiba
on those?

were there other failures or hard lessons?

and finally -- did we learn anything about ubifs performance, or other
characteristics of its behavior that might be interesting?

(great test writeups, btw.)

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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