Paraguay software deployment timeline

Daniel Drake dsd at
Thu Feb 5 09:26:00 EST 2009

Hi Chris,

Just wanted to note down our current situation and what we hope we can
squeeze out of OLPC in the next few weeks:

First the timing:
1. Laptops are arriving here on Feb 13th, we expect them to have
cleared customs and reached our warehouse by approx February 17th.
2. We plan to handout laptops in schools on Feb 25th.

Secondly, our "ideal" requirements which we need ready for February
17th (so that we can do the flashing):
1. An OLPC-signed firmware which will install custom Paraguayan
deployment keys provided by me: activation lease key, OS key (so we
can customise initramfs) and FS key (so that we can flash an image
including our customisations: irfs and activities), and then flash a
nandblaster capable fw.
2. A signed build of 8.2.1 (in the 8.2 release stream) to base our fs
image from. (the WPA regressions do not matter to us)

Note that we do not need #9045 to be fixed, since we will be using
throwing in our own modified initramfs anyway (I have patched it to
acquire leases from the XS over open IBSS networks). We do need it to
be built in the 8.2 stream so that the version numbers read correctly
and so that the activity updater looks in the right place.

Ideally this would actually be ready in advance of Feb 17th, so that
we can do final testing.

So, what we need from OLPC:
1. An 8.2.1 candidate build in the 8.2 stream
2. A firmware release which does what is described here:

What are your thoughts?


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