[Server-devel] Network addressing for activation-over-IBSS

John Gilmore gnu at toad.com
Wed Feb 4 20:24:27 EST 2009

> > The XS does not bind the server to the IPv6 address correctly (perhaps
> > we can work on that)., so it currently runs over IPv4
> True - the XS runs an IPv4 infra.

IPv6 offers link-level addresses that don't require any
infrastructure, not even a DHCP server.  If you make both ends work
with IPv6 then you don't have to worry about assigning addresses at

And you can send a UDP query to an IPv6 link-level multicast address,
so you don't need to know the school server's address.  It can respond
via unicast to your link-level address.  Many nodes who want to offer
leases can listen on that multicast address (the only one that should
respond is one who has a lease to offer this client).

(It doesn't appear to work to use IPv4 link-local addresses in this
application, because one is not always assigned; while in IPv6,
whenever your interface comes up, a link-local address is rapidly
assigned to it.)


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