Mesh support very likely to miss Sugar 0.84

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Wed Feb 4 16:08:08 EST 2009

> In Sugar 0.84, will mesh at least be disabled, from the point of view
> of Ohm and the kernel, so that the WiFi chip can be powered down when
> it's not in use for WiFi?

To me, one of the most attractive points about the OLPC is the 
capability to use it collaboratively "far from civilization".  This 
capability is customarily described as "two kids under a tree".

The language in the above quote implies that 'mesh' is disposable. 
With help from this list, I've been successful in using a (manually 
initiated) mesh between XOs running Joyride 2633.  PLEASE do not 
take away my ability to do this !!

My own long-term proposal for powering down the radio chip is to 
have *two* checkboxes in Control Panel -> Network -- one for 'Mesh' 
and one for 'Wifi'.  The user who wanted to power down the chip 
would uncheck both.

[In the meantime, for powering down the chip, please document (or 
adapt the 'Radio checkbox' for) a bypass action such as 'echo 0 > 
/sys/power/wlan-enabled'.  Please don't "disable" mesh altogether.]


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