Please update etoys in 8.2.1

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Wed Feb 4 11:43:02 EST 2009

Dear Release Manager,

as we discussed on IRC today (and which I had not realized until  
today) the 8.2.1 release will be pre-installed on XOs for much longer  
than anticipated, since the 9.1 release has been canceled, and no  
replacement is in sight.

We have had fixed Etoys / Squeak-VM packages ready for many months  
now, they just did not make it into 8.2 by a few days, and 8.2.1 was  
scheduled to be only a major-bugs fixing release, so we were holding  
out for 9.1. Since that is not going to happen we would very much  
appreciate if the updated RPMs would get included in 8.2.1.

The most severe bugs that are fixed there are #8351 (Composite  
characters not displayed correctly), #8608 (Mic LED stays on after  
quitting Etoys), #8700 (View-source key broken) and #8536 (Page up /  
page down / home / end not working). More bugs have been fixed since,  
but no features added. We did update the major version number (4.0  
now) in the mean time because the latest release is now completely  
license clean, but from a user's point of view the features are  
identical to the 3.0 series.

The latest release is in Joyride:


Please consider these to replace the ones in 8.2.


- Bert, for the Etoys team -

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