Which wikipage lists activities for 8.2.1 ('staging') ?

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Wed Feb 4 07:08:45 EST 2009

2009/2/4 Mikus Grinbergs <mikus at bga.com>:
> I'm confused as to which Activities are "mated" to 8.2.1.
> The subject came up before, when it was pointed out that wikipage
> Activities/G1G1 lists some newer activity versions than wikipage
> Activities/G1G1/8.2.

Correct. G1G1 lists activities that have been ported (incompatibly) in
preparation for Sugar 0.84 and/or what we were working on as 9.1.0.

> Does that mean that wikipage Activities/G1G1
> officially applies to the latest 8.2 (i.e. 8.2.1), whereas wikipage
> Activities/G1G1/8.2 applies only to the earlier 8.2.0 ?

No - 8.2.1 still contains sugar 0.82 and contains relatively few
changes on top of 8.2.0, and (hopefully) nothing that would affect
activity performance or reliability. 8.2.1 is not considered unstable.
G1G1/8.2 applies for 8.2.0 and 8.2.1.

The naming of the page is chosen in agreement with the activity
updater. Because the final version of 8.2.1 will be built in the
existing stream named "8.2", the activity updater will look for


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