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Tue Feb 3 10:54:45 EST 2009


The current View Slides sends the whole slideshow in a Zip file over the 
network.  These slideshow Zip files can be 20-60 meg and I find that 
sharing files of that size just doesn't work.  Worse, if the original 
file is still being shared it is impossible to resume a document you 
have received by sharing without starting the whole download over 
again.  So I think my new idea makes a lot more sense, and I'm thinking 
I can use code in Chat as an example to work from.

I have moved both my repositories to gitorious:

However, last night and this morning when I tried to do a git push to 
the new repository I got this:

[jim at localhost ~]$ cd olpc/readetexts/mainline/
[jim at localhost mainline]$ ls
activity  NEWS                   ReadEtextsActivity.pyc
locale    po           
MANIFEST  readtoolbar.pyc
[jim at localhost mainline]$ git push origin master
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

This is on a machine where I have never done a git push before (I did my 
development work on a different box).  I created my SSH key and 
published the public key in the account named jdsimmons, along with the 
other public key from the other box.  I just used ssh-keygen with no 
parameters to generate the key, and gave it my passphrase when 
prompted.  I think this is all I did for the other box, but I can't 
remember.  So I don't know if this is my problem or something to do with  If you or someone else can steer me in the right 
direction I'd appreciate it.

James Simmons

Wade Brainerd wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 6:10 PM, James Simmons 
> <jim.simmons at <mailto:jim.simmons at>> wrote:
>     Second, now that I have this I want to perfect collaboration on my two
>     Activities, Read Etexts and View Slides.  Unfortunately, I am
>     convinced
>     that collaboration in View Slides that involves sending large Zip
>     archives over the network is not and never will be practical.
>      What I'm
>     thinking about now is making the person "sharing" a slide show see
>     only
>     the image being viewed on the XO that has the full presentation.  The
>     master XO would page through the slides and those sharing would follow
>     along.  I'm not sure that's practical, either.
> I think sending one page at a time, and having the initiator control 
> the presentation is a great idea.  Otherwise, you might as well just 
> send the document to everyone and have them open it up on their own :)
> Also, are you planning to move your repositories over to 
> <>?  Most of the other 
> activities are doing that now, and we have set up a Sugar Labs 
> ActivityTeam ( to coordinate 
> the process.
> Best,
> Wade

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