[Sugar-devel] Service announcement scheme - (Re: A small request.)

Bernie Innocenti bernie at laptop.org
Mon Feb 2 15:13:03 EST 2009

C. Scott Ananian wrote:
> This is irrelevant, really.  Protocols are designed with certain
> assumptions.  Those assumptions (mostly having to do with the behavior
> and cost of broadcasts) were true when the protocols were designed,
> and are no longer true today.  This is the way of all software, it's
> not unique to 802.11s in some way.

You make it look like there was an alternative to broadcasts in a peer
to peer network, but I don't see any way out unless you want to have
"master browsers" with elections in the best Windows workgroup tradition.

Anyway, stuff that doesn't exist yet.

>> Wait, are you perhaps suggesting to use DDNS to publish those services
>> on a nameserver running on the XS?
> That is how DNS-SD works, yes.

I do not understand the security side of it, and how old records get
garbage collected unless you do a periodic refresh.

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