[Sugar-devel] Service announcement scheme - (Re: A small request.)

Bernie Innocenti bernie at laptop.org
Mon Feb 2 08:10:17 EST 2009

C. Scott Ananian wrote:
>> When I read the Zeroconf book, I got the impression that the
>> _standard_ was carefully designed to minimize needless broadcasts and
>> scale well in real scenarios.  I can't comment on the current Avahi
>> _implementation_ though.
> This is true for wired networks; not necessarily true for mobile
> and/or wireless networks.

IEEE chose to make wi-fi networks look like 802.11 LANs, similar to
ethernet.  It might have been a bad idea in retrospect, but now we
have to live with it.

AFAIK, the bulk of the problem with multicasts over 802.11s (and not
all wi-fi networks) is that those must be propagated at the slowest
possible link speed in order to reach all nodes.

> Like Martin, you are confusing mDNS with DNS-SD.

Ok, but how would the laptops advertise their SRV records without
multicast DNS?

Wait, are you perhaps suggesting to use DDNS to publish those services
on a nameserver running on the XS?

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