Service announcement scheme - (Re: [Sugar-devel] A small request.)

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Sun Feb 1 21:35:42 EST 2009

On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 3:24 PM, Martin Langhoff
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> So this depends on a simple service-announcement scheme. I'll sidestep
> the how of it, and say:

In terms of getting a service announcement scheme, I'd be happy to
work with you guys to find a lightweight svc announcement scheme that
works for Sugar and for the XS, and that doesn't tie the two together
too tightly.

Sugar clients want to interop with preexisting LANs with
minimal/reasonable effort, and XS LANs want to be friendly to
non-Sugar clients.

One odd constraint we have is that we want it to play nice on wireless
networks, and mesh networks too... and the popular solutions (mdns,
etc) in this space seem to hog 802.11s badly.


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