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Sun Feb 1 11:42:14 EST 2009

bernie wrote:
 > Daniel Drake wrote:
 > > 2009/1/31 Tiago Marques <tiagomnm at>:
 > >> Almost already as I started using it, I noticed that sometimes the touchpad
 > >> would be irresponsive.
 > >>
 > >> I may use it for hours without having a problem but, when it happens, it
 > >> usually doesn't start working again soon.
 > > 
 > > Which OS version are you using? I'm assuming 8.2.0. This is fixed for
 > > 8.2.1, perhaps you'd like to join the testing effort?
 > What does the fix do?  I thought it was not fixable in software.

i asked dan the same thing.  the only true fix i know of in 8.2.1
keeps the touchpad from locking up entirely on occasion.  this
happens only rarely in earlier releases (and can be corrected by
suspending/resuming the laptop).

the other "fix" in 8.2.1 for the touchpad is not really a fix --
it's really more of a bandage that the user can unwrap and apply
themselves (and even then, it only hides the cut, and doesn't
help it heal :-).  the touchpad driver in 8.2.1 has more
tuneables, which allow reducing some of the pre/during/post-
recalibration delays.  all this does is make the touchpad
failures less annoying.  here's an earlier email (oddly, google's
not finding it for me at --

 paul fox, pgf at

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