#9927 LOW Future : filesystem has trouble with large yum installs

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Mon Dec 28 23:57:23 EST 2009

On Dec 28, 2009, at 11:15 PM, Chris Ball wrote:

> Hi,
>> While #9927 is personally interesting to me, can I instead divert
>> your attention to the logs I just posted for #9865 ?
> Looks identical to the bug (#9702) with 3.3V not coming up fast enough
> to successfully resume the internal SD card.  We should check that
> your C1 brings up the 3.3V rail quickly enough.

More likely it isn't dropping far enough.

> If we convince ourselves that it really does only happen with ohm, and
> also only with rtcwake mixed with autowack, and doesn't happen on B2s
> in the same configuration, we might find that we have #1835-like
> problems when mixing autowack with an ohmd rtcwake immediately after
> suspend hits -- we can get a resume happening below the EC's
> autowack-delay in that case, which is known to cause problems.

I don't believe that it is known to cause problems.
test-wackup-ec was designed to flush those problems
out at the hardware level, and verifies that the VX855
properly handles resume events while still shutting down.
It uses a PWRGD input signal to close the loop with external
power supply decay times.


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