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NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Thu Dec 24 11:30:10 EST 2009

What: Sugar / Android

What is the same:

Application complexity: Simple (Activities) / Simple (Activities)
Data storage: Ditch filesystem (central Journal) / Ditch filesystem (app 
specific SQLite storage)
UI: Simple (ugly) / Simple (cool)
Computer experience of target audience: Low (children) / Even lower 
(stupid adults included)
Application install: .xo bundle / .apk bundle
Application isolation: Bitfrost / total app isolation
Security: protects users from activities (because they are children) / 
protects users from applications (because it can cost money to call 
numbers, and users are ignorant)
Programing language: High level (Python) / High level (Java)

What Android does not solve:

Collaboration: mostly works / Android only collaborates through the web, 
probably some local Wave server should be included
Write: there is / there is only Google Docs
Read: there is / everything should be converted to html
Open platform: Everything modifiable inplace (just no children do that) 
/ Only scripting on Android
Integration with XS: in process / none (that is a BIG problem)

What Sugar does not solve:

There is no usable development environment, no documentation, few 
developers. The programming environment is not discoverable by people 
who are not already pro programmers in Python and Linux. Ugly, slow, 
eats a ton of memory. Cannot be used by keyboard. Activities cannot work 

See, I did not lost my mind. Merry Christmas!

Stanley Sokolow wrote:
> I'm with Bert.   What problems has Android solved that Sugar was 
> created to solve, in your opinion?
> On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 6:04 AM, Bert Freudenberg 
> <bert at freudenbergs.de <mailto:bert at freudenbergs.de>> wrote:
>     On 24.12.2009, at 12:59, NoiseEHC wrote:
>     >
>     > You know, Android OS solves exactly the same problems Sugar has
>     > been created to solve
>     O RLY?
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