Chris Ball cjb at
Fri Dec 11 22:14:24 EST 2009


   > When OS 58 has been reasonably checked out and uploaded, there
   > will be the usual email announcement.  In the meantime, feel free
   > to keep testing OS 57! 

Thanks, Ed.  Yes, I intentionally deleted os58.zd and os58.img.gz
in order to save folks other than myself from downloading it, flashing
it and realizing that it failed to boot.

Please don't download a build before it's announced.  It would be
extremely confusing to have to answer a bug report against os58 with
"Which version of os58 do you have?".

I've uploaded a working build and released os58 now.


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>
One Laptop Per Child

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