Testing summary - 12 December 2009 Wellington, NZ

Tabitha Roder tabitha at hrdnz.com
Fri Dec 11 19:40:04 EST 2009

Testing summary -  12 December 2009 Wellington, NZ

Who: Tabitha, Alastair, Grant

Updated 5 XO 1.5 machines and 4 XO 1.0 machines.
On XO 1.5s the open firmware help is unhelpful. The new fs-update command
for reflashing the XO is not described in the help and the old flash-nand
command which no longer works is listed.
On all XO 1.5s we updated to OS54 wifi does not work (except on 1 of 5
machines showed wireless connections for about 20 seconds then gone)
although we now realise there is OS56 so maybe we need to just update again.

Foodforce2-4: didn't work on the eee running Ubuntu based Sugar. On XO 1.5
machine the mouse arrow flickers. Scrolling land map should be disabled when
pop up boxes are displayed and when you are trying to press "current
objective" button. Believe it or not, the XO 1.0 is nicer to use with
FoodforceII than the XO 1.5 machine as it has no mouse arrow flicker and is
smooth. On both XO 1.0 and XO 1.5 the buttons are not that responsive.
There was a weird message from the helper guy (in the conversation after
finishing the first level) that says "I will leave you the responsibility of
the village for the next 3 months while I go out for your cousin sister
wedding" - that could do with a grammar check. The medicine resource should
say medicine but says medicines. Second level difficulty is impossible
(think it is the clicking things 5 times to get a response that makes this
impossible). The current objective box doesnt stay on screen long enough to
read when there is a lot of text. We do love the improvements though in the
GUI so keep up the good work :-)

Some small people played with some XOs, found first choice was Speak.

We worked on our LCA2010 workshop presentation for January 2010 as well as
discussed the Open Day and our OLPC XO stall as well as Sugar stall.

We discussed how we will manage test requests in the future. Loaded some in
dev.laptop.org and assigned to me as a trial of this way of managing the
test requests.

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