F11 for XO-1.5 Release Candidate 2

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Wed Dec 9 15:24:08 EST 2009


Compressed image size: 693.39mb (+3.60mb since build 54)

This is the second release candidate (RC1) for the XO-1.5 F11 release!

Here are some release-note-worthy bugs we know about in this RC and
intend to fix soon:

 * If you have a B2 without hardware mods, you must disable suspend
   using Control Panel->Power->Automatic power management, else your
   wireless device will disconnect on suspend and not come back until
   the next reboot.

 * The camera will stop working after the first suspend.  (#9809)

 * The "create a network" section on the frame doesn't work if your
   nickname has more than five characters in.  (#9807)

Please help us find more bugs, and file them; if something doesn't work
the way you think it should, and it's not represented on the bug list at
http://dev.laptop.org/1.5, we need you to file it so that we can decide
whether to fix it in the released build.

Changes from previous build os54:

 * Wakeup keypress is no longer repeated (#9779)
 * Add manufacturing run-in tests to the build (#9840)
 * Boot from alternate install should work (#9628)
 * User brightness choices now preserved across suspend (#9805)
 * Go into deep sleep after five minutes in suspend (#9847)
 * Backlight stays dimmed when woken by wlan packet or battery (#9848)
 * "Switch desktop" strings were untranslated (#9814)
 * Added Finance and StopWatch activities
 * Fix pippy examples (#9479)
 * Added wget, strace (#9822)
 * Fix "Sugar can't mount disks as inactive user" (#9828)
 * Fix font size changes, stop button pushed off toolbar (#9823)

Package changes since build 54:


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