Renpy: Rapid Development for Interactive Roleplay / Avatar based learning with the XO

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Sun Dec 6 16:18:53 EST 2009

Hi Mike,

how is this going? Is there anything on which people can give
feedback? Anything the Sugar community could help with?



2009/11/11 Mike Dawson <mikeofmanchester at>:
> Hi All,
> Sometime ago we had the idea to try and create skill trainers using
> interactive roleplay on the XO - recently discovered Renpy as a really
> excellent tool for doing this. One can make an engaging audio, video
> and dialogue experience very quickly using Renpy's scripting language,
> and where that's not enough, you can just add python code.  There are
> a fair few gotcha's to it but I have documented most of this on the
> wiki:
> The thing about roleplay which is beautiful is it gives a risk free
> way to experiment and learn about key skills in a way that can really
> relate back to real life.  It's not just an experience of individuals
> either; I remember having fun playing Monkey Island and other such
> games
> We are thinking to make:
> 1. Children's health guides to day to day issues in life (brushing
> teeth, toilet hygiene, etc)
> 2. Soft skill trainers - could help others in the house (parents /
> elder siblings as well) - job interview trainer, etc whilst not
> loosing focus from the younger children.
> 3. Household Hygiene / Health advisor - a virtual doctor guided tour
> through the house to address hygiene problems.  Rote learning
> unfortunately largely destroys people's capacity to act on information
> consumed - people are used to either consumption (memorization) or
> interacting with people.  We will be doing an experiment to compare
> the impact of using an interactive virtual advisor on the XO to radio,
> television, paper, and a real person.
> 4. Maybe some kind of pedagogic game - teachers need to have
> confidence to try and change how things are working.  Perhaps if they
> could experiment with different methods in a virtual classroom
> environment this would help?
> Other ideas would indeed be welcome :)
> Regards,
> -Mike (OLPC Afghanistan)
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