F11 for XO 1.5 RC is great !

LASKE, Lionel (C2S) LLASKE at c2s.fr
Sun Dec 6 13:05:56 EST 2009

Hi all,

I’ve just upgrade to q3a18 and F11 for XO 1.5 RC.

To upgrade I’ve used the olpc-update command but it didn’t work (from os48), including with the –rf option. So I’ve finally done a fs-update.
Error was something like “read only file system” (sorry, I didn’t write the exact message).

F11 for XO 1.5 RC is great.
It’s really great to see a working Camera in record activity.
I’ve the “WiFi gone” issue but it disappear after stopping the power economy feature.
One other cool thing: I’ve got very surprised to see my XO-1 on the Network screen. So I’ve done a Chat session between a XO-1 and a XO-1.5 and it perfectly works. Very cool !

Regarding my issue with Dailymotion I’m not sure to understand the way of working of the Dailymotion website. Some video works, some others don’t work. Is all DM video are viewable in OGG ? Not sure. I’ve asked the question to a DM guy.

Another issue on the RC is the “turn screen” button on the lower left of the screen: it do nothing.
Not sure there is a ticket on it.

BTW, thanks to all for this great RC.

Best regards from France.


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