Delay when booting XO-1.5 B2 laptop

John Watlington wad at
Fri Dec 4 13:22:01 EST 2009

There is an infrequent problem with the XO-1.5 B2
prototypes where they may not power-up properly.

This would be indicated by the EC rapidly flashing
the battery LED red.   It then tries to power up the
laptop again, frequenly succeeding.   This will
appear as a flash or two of the red battery LED,
followed by a normal boot.

In an extreme case, it might stay that way for a while.
This is being tracked as #9761 --- please add your
reports to that ticket.

This is likely due to a couple of leakage problems
that we are finishing up.   We hunt them down on
each build, but other ECOs have a way of creating
new ones.


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