"Class Acts" Poster! OLPC/Sugar Community Book Sprint (Sept 6-11, Washington DC)

Holt holt at laptop.org
Sat Aug 29 15:39:37 EDT 2009

Grassroots Deployments are our d-r-e-a-m...

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Ready to Make This Happen?  By viscerally communicating the _many_ 
hidden XO "Class Acts" of the past 2 years?
    * heroic teachers' tricks
    * alternative energy workarounds
    * unconventional Activity tips
    * homebrew XO fixes
    * NGO/village partnerships
    * mythbreaking/backbreaking support stories that never cease to make 
us cry
    * artistic & photographic evidence of all sorts
    * open source delivering Learning to Little 'Uns at last...
    * add yours here http://wiki.laptop.org/go/ClassActs/Resources !

Our dedicated volunteer bookwriting-team would LOVE to see you in 8 days:

Poster thanks to Artist Mike Lee who takes our "National Geographic" 
editorial inspiration very seriously, writing: "I have a PDF which has 
all the type in logos in vector format, but it is 27 mb. I have to 
figure out if I can upload that to the wiki. The poster art is CC'd, so 
feel free to print your own.  I'll be running a couple more of these on 
13 x 19 paper on my home inkjet and also sending out to the local FedEx 
Print Center to get some more 11x17" color laser copies on coated. I'll 
have enough of the 11x17" posters for all who attend the sprint or are 
working remotely and request one."

/But if you also want a T-shirt let me know fast...and if "NO NINO LEFT 
BEHIND" isn't good enough for the back, plz suggest better ;-)

FINALLY: join us for our weekly Sunday 4PM EDT call organizing this 
30-page booklet and intense associated fun.  Just write me back if you 
don't yet have the number :)
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