SarynPaint: a Java program packaged for the OLPC

Ben Wiley Sittler bsittler at
Sat Aug 29 13:24:22 EDT 2009

I think, then, that I would rather just ship it as an activity bundle
for "Sugar+Java or Sugar+OpenJDK", since the versioning issues (which
OpenJDK version should I use, exactly?), licensing issues (GPLv2 &
GPLv2+classpath-exception for OpenJDK vs. GPLv3 for SarynPaint,)
packaging unknowns (how does one run OpenJDK from a subdirectory,
exactly?), and bloat make bundling a JRE inside the .xo ridiculously
impractical. I'm halfway tempted to try to subset OpenJDK for this (to
reduce bloat), but that seems like an even bigger nightmare.

On 2009-08-29, Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu at> wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 29, 2009 at 07:29, Ben Wiley Sittler<bsittler at> wrote:
>> A friend of mine wrote a hand/eye coordination game called SarynPaint
>> and recently released the source code. SarynPaint is written in Java,
>> so you'll need to install OpenJDK to use it. I just checked in minimal
>> support for launching it from Sugar and rolled a .xo activity bundle
>> file.
>> The project:
>> The activity bundle file:
>> How to get OpenJDK:
>> I haven't been able to test that .xo link on an actual OLPC yet, so
>> feel free to pass along bug reports, experiences, etc.
>> So, is there some way I could list the OpenJDK dependency in the
>> file and have the system offer to download and install
>> OpenJDK if it has not yet been installed?
> No, activity bundles are supposed to be self-contained, not depending
> on anything else other than the standard Sugar platform.
> As long as Java is not part of the Sugar platform, the JRE will need
> to be bundled inside every activity that uses Java.
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> Tomeu
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