SarynPaint: a Java program packaged for the OLPC

Ben Wiley Sittler bsittler at
Sat Aug 29 01:29:33 EDT 2009

A friend of mine wrote a hand/eye coordination game called SarynPaint
and recently released the source code. SarynPaint is written in Java,
so you'll need to install OpenJDK to use it. I just checked in minimal
support for launching it from Sugar and rolled a .xo activity bundle

The project:

The activity bundle file:

How to get OpenJDK:

I haven't been able to test that .xo link on an actual OLPC yet, so
feel free to pass along bug reports, experiences, etc.

So, is there some way I could list the OpenJDK dependency in the file and have the system offer to download and install
OpenJDK if it has not yet been installed?


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